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  • Outdoor Spots To Hide Your Spare House Key

    4 August 2016

    To help make sure that you will never have to deal with being locked outside of your home because you do not have your key, you will want to read over some of the following suggestions for where you can hide your spare house key for easy retrieval. Under The End Of The Drain Spout The end of the drain spout, also known as a downspout depending on your region, is a great place to hide a spare house key.

  • 4 Ways To Make Your Apartment Complex More Secure

    19 July 2016

    As a property manager or apartment complex owner, part of your job is to keep your tenants safe. Not only do you want to avoid any harm coming to your residents, but preventing crimes like theft and vandalism also saves you money in the long-run. In addition, an apartment complex with a reputation for security and safety will attract higher quality tenants. Here are four proven ways to make your apartment complex more secure.

  • Tips For Troubleshooting Common Deadbolt Lock Issues

    20 May 2016

    Deadbolt locks are lock systems that feature a solid bar and lock cylinder. They are designed for durability and can withstand a large amount of force. The thick locking bar is crafted to be difficult to breach, so it serves as a strong reinforcement for any door. While they make a great addition to most doors, these locks aren't immune to many problems. Here are some of the most common issues that you might encounter and tips to deal with them.

  • Creating A Secure Complex

    29 April 2016

    As an apartment manager, you have to make a lot of choices regarding things that help to create a better living environment for a large number of people who are counting on you. Learn about both large and small decisions you can make that will help you to offer your tenants a safer and more comfortable living situation. Post complex rules in plain site By posting a sign of important rules, such as no loitering, no skateboarding and no littering, not only will you be reminding people not to do these things, but you will also have a better standing when it comes to enforcing these rules.

  • Summer Driving: 3 Tips To Keep Seniors Safe On The Road

    28 April 2016

    Driving in the summer can seem deceptively easy once the winter snow and spring storms have cleared. However, there are many road hazards that place a senior's safety at risk during the summertime. Whether they are heading for a cross-country road trip or just taking a quick drive to visit a friend, these tips will ensure seniors arrive safely at their destination. Be Alert for Inexperienced Drivers Once school lets out, a flood of teenagers hit the road, and their lack of driving experience places everyone's safety at risk.

  • Is Your Ex Live-In Partner Threatening You? What To Do

    5 April 2016

    If you had a partner living with you and the relationship ended, but they are still threatening you and you fear they can get into your home, you want to act quickly. You don't want to worry about what could be waiting for you when you get home from work, and you can take care of the problem for good. You will want to make sure there is no reason for them to be there, and that you take the necessary security precautions.

  • Updating Your Home Security Before You Move In

    23 February 2016

    Just before moving into an older home is a good time to change out all of the locks. You don't know to how many people the previous owners gave keys. This is also an opportunity to upgrade the door hardware to give you even more protection from a break in. Here are some of the options you have to improve your home security before you move your family into the house.